2013 North East Texas HRC Test

WCR was 100% this weekend again. We went 7 for 7 finished passes 1 seasoned pass and a title on Sarge also he was one of the finished passes. 4 for 4 in started. With Rosie getting a title on Josie congrats.

2013 Cowtown HRC Hunt Test

Passed 2 Finished dogs, 2 started dogs, and 2 Seasoned dogs which was 75% for the weekend.  Also Received a Finished Title on Finn owned by Mike and Janice.  Congrats

2012 Big D HRC Hunt Test

11 – Finished Passes, 1 – Seasoned Pass, 2 – Started Passes 1- HRCH Title on Rebel as well he qualified for the Fall 2012 Grand

2012 Lonesome Dove HRC Test

10 –  Finished Passes, 1 – Seasoned Pass Congrats to Finn and the Woodbury’s Finn received his first finished pass with many more to come.