Retriever Training

Wolf Creek’s Retriever Training program is designed to produce a quality hunting companion.  There are several different levels of a complete Retriever/Gundog Training program.  Here at Wolf Creek Retrievers we realize that every dog is different and will adjust to a training program at varying speeds based on ability and prior training experiences. Therefore, the program lengths are meant to be a basic guideline.

This program is designed to expose a young or inexperienced retriever to most of the scenarios it may experience during hunting season. This training program will introduce the pup to simulated hunting conditions, guns, boats, decoys, tree stands, and several types of birds (both dead and alive). At the completion of this program, your dog will be proficient in basic obedience, trained retrieve (aka. force fetch – how to hold a bird properly without hard mouth), and steadiness. A dog at the completion of this program should be able to pass an AKC Junior Hunter test and a HRC Started test.

The Gun Dog Training program is typically 5 months

This program is designed to produce a retriever companion that is capable of handling 90% of the hunting situations that will arise during a normal hunting season. In addition to the items included in the Basic Gundog package above, this program includes introduction to multiple marking and basic blind handling situations. The concepts introduced in this program include “force to pile”, “T” drill, “swim-by”, honoring and marking multiple birds down.

These dogs are exposed to virtually every conceivable training situation and concept imaginable.

At the completion of this program, a dog should be ready to participate in AKC “Senior/Master” hunting tests and a HRC “Seasoned/Finished” test, not to mention being the envy of every other hunter in your blind.

The Advanced Gun Dog Training program is typically 6+ months


Retriever Puppy Training is the right start for hunting and competition dogs. Wolf Creek Retrievers presents a program of basic training for turning young retrievers into efficient and enthusiastic workers. Our program uses a step-by-step teaching schedule that correlates to a dog’s mental and physical development.

This program is also for puppies that are between the ages of 2 and 4 months old. The program introduces the puppy to water, gun fire, birds, boats, decoys, basic obedience commands, and socialization with other dogs. Our goal is to make each puppy as “birdy” as possible and to love the retrieving game.

The Puppy Head Start program is typically 1-4 months


Our obedience course is a 6 week program and is for all breeds of medium to large size dogs, 5 months old or over. Besides making the dog a joy to own and a rewarding family companion, obedience training helps make dogs more manageable and responsive to commands used in later gun dog training.

Obedience training does not change the nature of the dog or address behaviors such as aggression, excessive barking, digging or housebreaking.

The commands that the dog will learn during obedience training are:

  • Heel – walk at your left or right side at your pace (on & off leash)
  • Here – come to you when called
  • Kennel – get into dog run and/or crate
  • Sit – Sit and Stay until released

This program is intended for the retriever who has previous field experience, but needs work in order to stay sharp for the upcoming hunting season.  Marking & steadiness are emphasized, but blind work can be included for those dogs who are already handling.

The Pre-Hunting Tune Up program is typically 1 to 3 months