This was in a field with patchy low to tall cover. All marks landed in thick cover. The blind after the hay bales you would lose site of the dog for about 35 yds than if they were online you would see them again. Entered cover at angles and cover was about 2.5 feet...


Here is todays setup. This was in a Cut Milo field with stalks that were anywhere from 4 inches to 36 inches tall.


Here are the blinds that I ran today. The concept here was angle up a hill and hold the line on the hill.


Training at Lonestar training day Thanks for the invite. We worked on Cold honer today did a nice job.


Here is todays setup. Which blind do you think gave the problem today for most of the dogs.


Here is todays setup. All dogs did pretty well couple of them wanted to switch for short bird on left hand marks. Several dogs either lined the blinds or 1or 2 whistled them.